Shit. RIP Crafty Cockney


Fuck. All my childhood heroes going. RIP


Despite his obvious talent as player - I will forever remember his insight into Italian football on Ch 4 on Sundays.


Yep that too


Treble 20



RIP Eric. I only saw him on the TV about a week ago


Sad but leaves an amazing legacy




Sad but interesting tale…


RIP Gillian Ayres abstract painter



A tragic loss to the world of supermarket based game shows.


Sorry but who?


Sadly, Dale will never see the completion of the ‘Sorry but who?’ project. A pity, as critics predicted it would be right up there with ‘What the Fuck?’ and ‘24 hour garage shuffle’.



He was orange with over bright teeth.


You’ve never heard of him here. Gargantuan in the US. 28 is just too sad for words.


RIP Avicii - seen him play twice, a lost talent. 28 is way too young.


Sorry a personal one this time.

RIP to my Dad who passed away on Sunday morning - he put up some fight and when my time comes I hope I can face death with such courage and, above all, such humour.

He’ll be badly missed but he’s left us with some very very special memories.

Cheers Dad :tumbler_glass:


Sorry to hear that Allan. Will raise a small glass to you both now.

Best wishes.