On becoming a hobbit

Hobbit Name Generator

I am Wilibald Chubb-Baggins

Hobbit royalty me ! :grinning:

Longo Sandybanks of Frogmorton

Although I suspect Iā€™m more Shorto :blush:

Orgulas Bramble of Willowbottom

Goldilocks Goldworthy of Michel Delving

Which is nice

Milo Overhill of Rushy

Which is creepy as my mate has a Boxer dog called Milo.

Hector Mortimer Grumphuttocks of Buttplug-Goreham.

Honeysuckle Goodbody of Brockenborings
Claire is Daisy Goodbody of Bb - She was delighted


Mungo Proudneck of Tuckborough

My Claire is Daisy Proudneck of Tuckborough

Fosco Chubb-Baggins :thinking:

Drogo Bleecker-Baggins of Fair Downs

Mungo Boggy-Hillocks.
Which, I suppose, is OK for someone who likes to walk in the Peak District.

BoJo Baggins of Eaton Vale Minstershire

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Fuck ! Sorry :disappointed:

Marroc Goodbody

of Brockenborings

Fard Knotwise of Michel Delving


He made it up in the first place!
His choice :grinning:

Orgulas Boffin of Whitfurrows

I like that I am a boffin.

Orangeblossom Bulge of Great Smials or Popo Bulge of Great Smials


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It does have an air of

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