On the hunt for new speakers


verity finn i have not heard but i had the rienzi and they were superb . not huge bass though but controlled . personally i would go higher than the finn

the vienna acoustics are the fastest selling speakers i have seen , when audio emotion have a pair they fly out in days or hours

the heco statements are brilliant vfm as are the various direkt models s/h

you could possibly trade your tune audio into hifi guy and buy a pair of an-j for 3495 in hemp lx


anyone heard these , they seem good value and hi fo world mention them sometimes as recommended buy



Heco Direct


Golden Ear Triton 3+ Speakers down to 21Hz.
Not expensive new.


Direkts are too wide for where they will go. Only have about the same width as the primes to play with.

Have made an offer on the Avalons but failing that may give some standmounts a try for a while instead.


Buy these - better than any floorstander you’ll get for £2k.




and this chap on the look out for a modwright 200 integrated in part ex for his franco serblin accordo …what an opportunity . especially as they are already well priced



They look interesting, I’m banned from AoS so could you do me a favour and point him here or pfm?


How can you get banned from AOS? It’s so benign.


There were a few bans before the permaban.

Defending Dave Cawley got me a month.
Saying his pimped up piece of shit Mercedes looks awful got me another month.
Saying his pimped up piece of shit technics looks awful got me another month.
And then winding him up over BNC vs RCA connectors got me a permaban


Hardcore stuff, you rebel…


Doesn’t take much to wind up Marco, just a few minor digs at his ego and he goes into meltdown.



Snell J or Snell C for your original question

Heco Direkt for a current speaker


What are the dimensions of the room?


Who last had the pair that I got, originally @aja 's? I reckon 100w of Pass would work very nicely with them.

I sold them to enbee on the Wam I think, but he moved them on.


16ft x 12ft


SD Acoustics OBS later model with 2 x 8" bass drivers? Way under budget.


Too wide, thinking I may go for some standmounts and keep the primes.

Going to try and get the Franco Serbins and failing that the Dynaudio Contour 20, heard dynaudio a fair few years ago and they needed some power but did sound good.