Oooh, what's this just arrived?


Just waiting for the horns to arrive, 65cm JMLC.

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65cm? Hertz man Hertz!

BTW, you do know where this path leads don’t you? :wink:


Needs more pictures… :grinning:

200Hz JMLC and yes, already looking at plans for bass horns to replace the OB18" and tapped horns to replace the active sub!!


Be nice to see how you get on with these,they look very good and the reviews all seem good.Are you using a design or making it up as you go along.

I have these:

Plan is to use the Axi2050 with a 200Hz JMLC horn to replace the top half which is a 12" and air motion transformer.
Currently using all four stereo channels of a Najda so if the Axi can do what they say it will be one driver replacing two and leaving a stereo channel free. If it can’t stretch from 300Hz to 20k or thereabouts I can add a tweeter higher up and still get that important range of 300 up to 8-12k covered by one driver and no crossover.


What’s the AMT like?

They are very good, clear and dynamic but not harsh like some ribbons can be.
Apparently they are better mounted directly to the baffle without the horn but I have never tried tgen like that. Probably would have done if not for the Axi2050 and horn project.
Beyma do a cabinet for them which also uses their 12p80nd which is the 12" you see in the picture so I might copy that or similar and make a high efficiency pair of 2 ways as a second set of speakers. Or may get a nice, high efficiency 6" and make a high efficiency 3 way.
Having said that I’ll most likely not get my arse in gear building anything and just sell the 12"s and the TPL150s.:rofl:


These turned up from Germany last week😀!

200Hz JMLC profile!


Don’t let @A_Touch_of_Cloth see them - he’ll install them in someone’s bathroom :joy:


Used bank holiday Monday productively to go from this:

To this:

Just have them propped up on some old LPs (vinyls😂) and the boxes the drivers came in to find the correct heights before making some permanent brackets.

Spent each night this week playing with the dsp in the Najda.
Cross to the 18" at 390Hz at the minute. Drop off a cliff at 12.9kHz so a high shelf needed from that point. I have some CP21f tweeters (JBL 2405 cpoies) and a spare amp and Najda channel so will try them instead of the high shelf.
Not sure what will be better, the Axi2050 can handle the high shelf no problem being a pro driver in a domestic environment, and there is something very good happening with everything from 390Hz up coming from the one (well two) 2" point sources.
If the CP21s are better I will be on the lookout for some better tweeters or some 1" compression drivers and horns.


These are really starting to relax and open up a bit now. Detail, dynamics and space are good descriptive words. Solidity of image/instrument relative to others is striking also. I didn’t think that was an issue with the previous set up but it is much better with this set up.
Need to learn how to time align with REW or Holmimpulse. Speedysteve gave me a script for Holmimpulse that I never got to use effectively due to my incompetence but must revisit that. Just done physically by line of sight at the minute. How hard can it be🤯?
Haven’t found any tracks to trip it up yet so that is a good thing😁!


The sub you can see is a B&K XLS400F so has its own amp.
18" are powered from a pair of bridged Crown 1500 xls (it might be xli, on the way back from the match so a bit pissed, the 1500 that is A/B and not class d anyway), and the axi2050 and horns are powered by Guy’s Hiraga Le Monstre power amp that is sounding fantastic.

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Looking good,are they what you hoped for.

Because that’s where sinks go.


Yes, What I was hoping for and more. There’s more to come as well i think as I refine the ds p in the Najda and they open up with a few more hours in them.

You have got me tempted,where did you buy the horns from.

They were bought from a German eBay seller who I was put onto by a guy on DIYAudio. They are £300 delivered by DHL. The Autotech are probably more professionally finished but twice the price, and the curve, internal surface and flange on these are correct and that’s the important thing. Celestion are bringing out their own horn flare which was designed by Bjorn Kolbrek but they will be £950 each it seems so something to look at down the line if I feel that these horns are holding the drivers back. They certainly don’t seem to be doing that at the minute I must say.
A lot of talk on DIYAudio about the new generation of drivers like B&C dcx464, Faital Pro hf1440 and this Celestion which are aimed at being competitors to the BMS coaxial and by all accounts improve upon them.
I was between the B&C and the Celestion but went for the Celestion in the end.

Try the link above for the horns.
Lean Audio is the place for Celestion axi2050.
Where are you at? If you can get to the North East come and have a listen. That goes for anyone reading this who might fancy a listen, get in touch and we can sort something out, I would like to hear what other people think. Micky has been a few times and heard the previous speakers and I am sure he will be back soon if he ever gets home through the roadworks from this weekend’s bake off😂!


Thanks i will have a look.