Origin Live Illustrious Mk II for sale - SOLD

Origin Live Illustrious Mk II tonearm with captive RCA and earth cable. Excellent condition and has had very little use.

In the interests of complete disclosure, there is a small (fairly insignificant) mark on the back of the main housing and the “unavoidable” mark on the rear section where the grub screw secures the counterweight although this is obviously unseen in use as it is completely hidden by the weight itself. I’ve tried to show them here…

Rega geometry and fixed headshell allows a straightforward set up

The arm is double boxed (original factory boxes) and will be sent in a third strong, padded box for further protection.

£680.00 including insured RMSD to any UK address.

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Reduced price:


To any UK address.

Can not believe this has not sold better then any SME.