Ottsonic giveaway

Because self-isolation can be rubbish, and music definitely helps, all Ottsonic catalogue is free for the foreseeable future. That’s all of Ott’s albums, my album, and the Umberloid tracks.

Enjoy! :smiley:


Can you deliver or is it collection only?

Haha! It’s download only… but I’ll deliver to you, if you can cover my petrol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




This is a great gesture. Thank you guys.

Meanwhile it would be great if those who can afford it continue to support artists who have mostly been put out of a job due to their inability to play live.

The same goes for independent record shops.


Alas no Hallucinogen in Dub, my favourite of his albums!

Funnily enough I had to chuck my CD copy the other day after it disintegrated - a result of leaving it in the car over months while it got slowly trashed by kids during the school run.

My boys love the opening to Gamma Goblins (they think it sounds like someone being flushed down the toilet), they insist on playing it in the car as it scares their friends :slight_smile:

@Nick_Dartmoor feel free to tell Ott that - from Josh from Psyforum days - I’ve long lost contact with him but I think he’d find it amusing (if he remembers me)…

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Nice one - very cool gesture :+1:

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I will Josh, and I’m sure he will remember. Psy-Forum does still come up quite often.

Re Hallucinogen in Dub: the reason that isn’t in there, is that it was a Twisted Records release, and although it was produced by Ott, it contains sampled material from Hallucinogen, the copyright to which obviously belongs to Simon Posford/Twisted. All the other Twisted-era albums are solely Ott, so he now re-releases them himself.


Josh, does that actually leave you without Hallucinogen in Dub altogether now? If so, I’m sure he’ll be happy to bung the wav/FLAC files over to you, informally, as it were. He obviously still has it, but just can’t distribute it publicly.