Ozzy been sleeping on the job again!

Ah,I wondered why the train didn’t stop there this morning!

I wasn’t asleep, I was having a cup of tea.

I assumed the smoke was you burning the toast?:stuck_out_tongue:

I was coming into town on Wednesday on the Central Line. As we were coming into Mile End, the train braked very hard and came to an abrupt halt, half way down the platform.

The driver then announced that “there was somebody under the train” and asked everyone to get off. I thought I’d be able to continue my journey on the District Line from a different platform but the station PA then announced that it was an emergency incident and everyone must evacuate the station.

I presume this is normal Terry so folk don’t hang around to see any blood and guts?

I still think all tube announcements should be delivered in a Prog fashion - “Fire on the train, the wizzards getting angry, Dragons cleanse the brain again…” With a mellotron backing of course.


Exactly, until such time as the incident is isolated/cleared up.