PA Hire near Newcastle

My sister is getting married in May near Newcastle, has asked for a hand with sorting PA. Do any of our northern members happen to have any recommendations for dry hire places? Will probably need the stuff delivered / dropped off, but other than that I can do everything required.

I know of and their kit seems solid (albeit with no pricing) but wanted to see if there was anyone else worth looking at.

Try linnfomaniac on pfm, pretty sure he does sound systems or PA kit.

Very best wishes to your sister and her man.

What’s the playlist?

Mostly rock, bit of heavy metal. Probably some cheese in there too I suspect, although not much knowing my sister.

First song on the floor?

We can ridicule (and applaud) your Sis, not yourself. :slight_smile:

No idea

Band at my brother’s wedding opened with You’ve Lost That Lovin Feeling, it was the only slow song they knew :smile:

Still married 20 odd years on.

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