Paris Paralympics 2024

Very proud day today as it’s official Jack will go the Paris and play badminton for Great Britain in mixed doubles and singles.
I’m fit to burst with pride.


Fantastic, I wish them all the very best!

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Brilliant, I can guarantee 4 households within the immediate family will watch if screen time is available and be rooting for the badminton team. We love the paralympics.

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That’s brilliant news. Very best of luck to him.

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Well done Jack and good luck.

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Great stuff.
What sort of medal chance do they have?

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What a fantastic achievement.

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Danny has won nearly all the qualification events.
Jack and Rachel have won the last three internationals in mixed doubles.
Jack has been getting into lots of finals and getting the silver.
Krysten is consistently good.
Rachel medals regularly in internationals.
The team’s chances are decent.
Paralympics have a habit of throwing a curveball though so you never know.


Brilliant news!
Had the pleasure of watching them strut their stuff at a para-badminton event in Sheffield last year, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
Well worth a watch when televised, they are all seriously good.

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Keep us updated as to when it’s on the telly, please @spider Tim

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Really looking forward to it.
Love badminton

Amazing, will tune in!

Great news, congratulations.

One of my lads is blind in one eye (optic nerve did not connect), and has nystagmus in the other.

He represented England as part of the partially sighted futsal squad and toured the world. He trained at St. George’s Park.

There’s a TV programme on BT Sport (or whatever it is called now), called ‘Football is for Everyone’.

It’s about Michael Owen’s son, but features the England team as they prepared and journeyed through the Futsal World Cup in Walsall.

Sadly he was declassified on the evening of the tournament, fifteen years after playing for them.

Will look out for your lad.