Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


It’s outside the right establishment for the stupid…


Tourists from the west midlands. Fucking morons.


The only thing more amazing than the stupidity of the hirers is that anyone could actually consider paying £100k for a Range Rover


Agreed. However, I’m told you can spend £30k on a Corsa.


And £150k on a Defender before they sold out.

Which you should all do so MrsKettle gets a nice bonus.


Found out today that you can specify any colour you like for any JLR vehicle. Only costs an extra £10k. They have matched cars to nail varnish, Prada bags etc. Once you pay or it you get exclusive rights to the colour.


yesterday in Dunstable


Must have had difficulty steering in all that deep snow




If the idiot had put the bonnet down before driving he would have been able to see where he was going


On the way home earlier…


Yeah, parking like a cunt :scream:


Not even left his parking lights on .


It must have been the sharp bend that threw them.


comes under the other driving fuckwittery.

He was coming up the hill at quite a speed and tried to accelerate, lost it and went sideways into the wall right in front of me.

I’ve just come back from visiting the parents and the roads around here are quite deep with snow now but those cross climates are fucking brilliant, no wheelspins or lockups when braking.


Did you stop and tell him that you had it all on dashcam if he wanted a souvenir? :rofl:


And give him the benefit of your foresight in fitting cross climate tyres? I expect he would have enjoyed that :grinning:


Been in the middle of the High Street since 6pm yesterday. It’s front wheel has collapsed but you would think it would have been shifted by now. Police on their way.


Shit-ron innit so no-one wants to accept responsibility.


except maybe ISIS