Parked outside the pub today


With the Superlegerra badge it’s likely a DB4 S2. Extremely rare and £500K is about right I believe.


A mate’s father died very suddenly when we were young.

(Many) years later said mate found a shed on the (extensive) grounds of the family’s estate in Scotland.

Came back later with a crowbar, popped the lock off, and found a DB5 sitting in there under oily rags.

Lucky bar-steward.


James Bond confirmed.


Lol, I’d never thought of it like that.

But no, definitely not.


Outside the pub last night


Pretty :heart_eyes:


Thread merge in 3…2…1…


My favourite car in my favourite colour scheme, would love to have one of those.


It’s a long ride from Germany.

The one at the back is a Bimmer if it’s not clear.


Is that in Dusseldorf?


Close. Malvern.