Parking Manchester Arena

Kind of anti ‘park like a cunt’ thread :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m off to see The Cure tonight at Manchester arena, Sadly I’m not stopping over and have to head back straight after the show.

So I’m looking for a place to park where I won’t have to queue in a multi-storey for 2 hrs just to get out.

Anyone been and recommend a place not too far away but far enough for a reasonably quick getaway?

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Try one of the signposted places down Chapel Street. But make sure they don’t let you car get blocked in.

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Me too. I’ll be in MCR from about 6:00 if you want to catch up.

Ha ha nice one. Given that I’m dragging Hel with me and she is pathologically unable to be anywhere on time I’m afraid I can’t make any promise! Thanks for the offer though as it would have been great to catch up :thumbsup:

Too late now, but park out and get a train or tram in, loads easier on exit.

Hopefully the parking was better than the gig. It was all a bit dialled in and subdued. I was on freebies and the conversation afterwards with the guys who got me on the guest list was polite and withdrawn.

Sore throats and three nights in London means 45 minutes less show tonight.

And my free coke had no ice!!!

Fuckers. :grin:

Probably for the best, you don’t want to be mixing charlie and crystal meth.


This was so dull it was a near Meth experience.

B’dum and indeed tish :sunglasses:

Yeah it was clear Bobs voice was knackered, hence the on and off every other song after the first break, and cutting it short.