Pass Labs XA 60.5 mono power amps

Pass Labs XA60.5 monobloc power amps. Super high end and ridiculously expensive amps from this top US brand. Pure class A. They produce such musical detail it’s astounding with oodles of quality power. They are RARE to find for sale in the UK and were imported from USA by previous owner…therefore they come with a step-up transformer. Boxed as new. 4250 GBP.

They provide 60w per channel into 8 ohms, 120w into 4 ohms. Full power gain is 1.10, high freq 100 khz, gain is 26dbs, power consumption is 200w, distortion is just 1% at full power. They measure 19x7x19 inches and weigh 62 lbs.

Courier options given on request, all located in Staffordshire. Happy to listen to sensible offers.



Amplifier picture porn required :slightly_smiling_face:

best I can do at the mo - perfect condition though


Sold thanks to all who enquired