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To leave the ‘today i have been’ thread a bit clearer, I’ll stick my diving stuff in here

On Sunday we did our fist UK sea dive, from this wee boat

We set off from Hafan Marina in Pwehlli and went to St Tudwals island - home of Bear Ghrylls - and the islet we dived around.

We did 2 dives - and popped our ‘rolling backwards off a boat’ cherry. There were seals in the area:

Sarah managed to catch him sneaking by underwater but they were camera shy

Wildlife was a bit scarce but the ground and plants were a big change from our usual quarry

Hopefully another trip to wales in a couple of weeks, maybe another boat trip late august, and hopefully a trip to the Farnes to dive with the seals in September.


got any videos of snuff diving? or bog snorkeling?

this aint Pornhub you know! we’ll have nothing that filthy on here


It has always wound me up for some reason that dive boats fly an A flag at all times and not just when diving is happening. But I appeciate that they boats they use ofen mean that it is fixed.

Dont forget to take an orange next time, with peel.

wont be this friday as we’re sea diving somewhere new. I’ll try and remember when i’m back in the quarry. :smiley:

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Maybe different fruits float or sink at different depths of water, depending on what the pressure does to it.

I think you should test this. A really shit YouTube channel is in your future.

Just the one photo so far today…


Couple of hour long dives today. All the sturgeon were out and about, most being friendly

There are a few ex-Blackpool illuminations to find…

Uploading: IMG_7667.JPG…


This is a swim through the ‘V’, dropping into the bowl and across to a boat called Candida 2. When I look at my computer, the figure at the top is the current depth in m (bottom left is deepest that dive). The 99mins is time to needing decompression stops (hardly ever registers diving shallower than 20m like we do) and the counter bottom right is the duration of this dive.

The vis is pretty poor so you don’t see the drop off as you pass the road sign, it’s normally a bit like that the scene in Finding Nemo :slight_smile: But you can see how quickly you descend and how hard it would be to judge without the computer or a gauge.

At 5:20 you see Sarah tap her wrist with two fingers, that’s the signal to get the other diver’s air level. When Sarah forms a ‘T’ and then a fist that is 150bar remaining (T = 100, Fist = 50, fingers = 10 each)/


This vid follows on from the last as we go around the edge of the quarry from the boat, Candida 2, to the ‘Pigs’. You’ll notice my time-to-decompression is now 40mins ish, because we’ve been at 17+ m for 10 mins. I’ll have around 130bar left by that point (we’re using 10l tanks filled to about 220 bar when we start) so half way in, but we try and exit with 50bar left so I have just under 100 bar left and have used about 100 bar, so I’ll manage no more than another 10 mins at this depth before I’d be looking to come up to 5m to do a 3 min safety stop then make my way out. Hence the 40 mins isn’t too relevant. In fact, not planning to need decompressing is the distinction between Recreational diving and Technical diving.


Last vid for today. Some curious Sturgeon :slight_smile:


Enjoy these posts Paul, don’t stop!


Try this chap :slight_smile:

and these


Another trip to Anglesey yesterday with 2 regular dive buddies. 2 ~1hr dives around St Tudwals again. Plenty of sightings of the seals on the surface between the two dives but no sign under the water :frowning: But we did see much more wildlife this time - plenty of fish including some ‘square’ ones, lots of Starfish and some monster crabs (18in diameter!), a couple of lobster and some cute little (and one large) jellyfish. No photographic evidence of the monster crabs due to technical difficulties with the camera case but here’s a few pics from dive 1


I’ll try and get some of my friends pics from Scapa, Norway and Alderney.

Cool, please do (I’ll try not to be jealous).

Once the kids can be safely left for a while (once they’re about 25…) we hope to get further afield. There is a place called Silfra in Iceland that I’d love to try, plus the usual Red Sea, Gozo, farnes and Scapa sites

Yesterday’s involved 7+ hours of driving which is about the limit for a day in my view. Luckily we got a lift yesterday but was still knackered.

He hasn’t done it for a few years, not sure he will go back to it.

Not a cheap hobby.

No it’s not. My computer gave up yesterday (my fault not replacing an o ring on a battery change…)

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