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FoL#2 does a bit. Here’s some video of their Lundy Island trip including seal encounters.


Cool. But they need to leave the crabs alone though…

Indeed, I was thinking that.

Missed this chap in the photos…


Yum, perch :man_cook:

Never scrimp on o-rings when changing dive computer batteries :disappointed:

Ouch, how much has that <£1 ring cost you?

between 2 hundred and 5-6 hundred (depends how fancy I get with the replacement - guess what’s likely :joy:)

Had it been a tech computer it could easily be north of £1000

It’s been chewing through batteries where the original lasted over a year but now I can’t trust it not to conk out unexpectedly. Not too dangerous given where we dive but it’s an excuse for a new toy so it’d be rude not to…


2 very chilled dives with the boss at Capernwray yesterday. First dive we attempted to get around the perimeter which is about 1 km I think.

So we jumped in from the ‘finger’ just above the emergency telephone. From there we went to African Queen and Answer, then across to the wall North of the Cessna, to Murphy then around the wall passing the Sump and around to the pigs, then we kept going around the wall until we were going North again, then we came up at the far end of that little blue line which indicates the cliff, then home via Dreamer, Shergar and the two platforms.

These guys are on the wall near the Cessna:


Along the back wall:

Here come the pigs:

There go the pigs:

This chap was in the dark bit at the back

In the deeper bits you get ‘mist’ mike this

No intro required:

Around the platforms in the shallows

Second dive we went down the shallows at the bottom of the map to Orca (Amity) and the ‘headless ted’ in the little unmarked gnome garden just South of Thunderbird. We went back though the ‘v’ but around the ledge to Helo 1 (just south of the Bell, East of Cleopatra), then on the way back we dropped over the cliff near the Gypsy Moth and spotted the Albino Sturgeon. We did our safety stop on the slope below the Emergency Telephone and there were plenty of fish.

Gnome Garden:

Headless Ted:

Into Orca:

Through the ‘V’:

Lots of fish:

What’s this???:

Its a helicopter!:

With a strange passenger:

The wee sturgeon:

Perch on safety stop:

Me photgraphing Sarah photographing the albino. Sarah is at about 15m depth there, you can see the Gypsy Moth tailplane there

We saw some unusual (to us) feeding:

Approaching the pigs (my camera, no post-processing)

And the wee Albino Sturgeon:


Here’s a bit of a drone flight over the quarry so you can see it for real.

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Vis was pretty bad today, but here is a video of the approach, ascent over and descent beyond, the Podsnap minesweeper boat. The keel is at about 16 metres and it’s about 5 m high. The video is too green but the cloudy viz isn’t far off reality (at least for me without prescription lenses in my mask!) You can see a fair distance but not make anything out beyond shadows.

(check out the fancy new computer!!!)

Better photos to follow when the wife puts hers on the computer, but here are a few of mine.

the new computer syncs to the phone and PC too


Some better pictures

and a rudely awoken trout at Podsnap


Hello there !


You need some zombie beavers in there to liven it up👍


He looks like a grumpy landlord telling you to piss off out of his pub(lake).


Better photos to follow but a quick video looking around inside the Podsnap Minesweeper. I’m going to make a better effort at getting into the smaller bits next time, I got hooked up trying to get through the hatch and spooked myself this time. Sarah got inside ok and I’m not much bigger. Viz was very poor in places today.


A new gnome :slight_smile:


Something a bit more technical today - graphs!!! From the new computer, showing depth and temperature and depth and SAC (Surface air consumption l/min) rate for one of the dives

Still a bit of work to do on trim and bouyancy as you can see form how wibbly the depth graph is in a couple of places, and breathing can always be improved, the lower that SAC rate gets the longer I can dive on a single cylinder…


What’s the warning symbol?

100 bar gas remaining