We’re off soon to Penzance for the next leg of the SWCP, and staying there all week.
Any recommendations for food & pubs to look out for?

Why did I read that as “going to Penance”?


Which way are you going? If heading towards Land’s End I’d certainly recommend the Logan Rock Inn at Treen


Used to be a nice chip shop in Sennan

Philips bakery in Marazion, the pasties are a bit of a local legend. The Copper Spoon for cake. I think that’s all the food groups covered. :slight_smile:

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Starting in Godrevy and finishing in Marazion I think.


Good effort, I hope you do better with the sea mists this time.

The Turks Head might be worth a visit (our last time there was in 1991 on our honeymoon).

Forecast is not looking good… At least we’re not camping this time so a chance to dry off!

Well we have just got back, thanks for the recomendations!

In Penzance, we tried a fair few pubs and the top choices were The Turks Head, as suggested was really nice, great food and beer although weird to find Timothy Taylor Landlord down there although always a favourite. The second was The Crown which was a Small Pub with its own Brewery, really good beers!
The Lamp and Whistle was a good ‘alternative’ pub with a nice range of beers with a few Belgian too.
We did try some other pubs around Penzance but those above we the ones of note.

Not a pub but found ‘Totti’ in Penzance, a superb simple Pizza place, only one size, 10x varieties and really really superb! All the Pizzas were named after Italian Footballers.

In St Ives, we found Bier Huis Grand Café, a superb Belgian Bar with an extensive range of Belgian Beers as well as some great food to go with it, spent a wet afternoon here and would highly recommend!

We made it to the Logan Rock Inn at Treen, amazing locally sourced food (Crab & Chilli Linguine and Hake in a Goan Curry Sauce), nice local St Austell Beers and very accomodating of some damp hikers!

Impressed with the bus service round that area, nice not to have to take two cars and shuffle between start/fnish points. Meant we could enjoy a cheeky pint at the end of the walk too! Weather was better than expected, the first couple of days were glorious and both of us got a bit of sunburn, not too warm as it was very windy. Fair bit of rain but we expected that so dressed with that in mind!

We only made it hiking to Treen in the end (not back to Penzance as per the original plan) due to missing a day as brothers sole delaminated from his walking boots so by the time we got the bus back to the hotel it was too late to go back out. We spent the afternoon in the Beir Huis (2nd visit) so all was not lost!
The sections from Pendeen/St Just/Sennen/Lands End and Treen were really nice. Nice variety on the path and stunning scenery! The Geevor Tin Mine area was nice to walk around and you could easily spend a fair few hours walking around the area and all the ‘ruins’ as well as the Museum, would love to go back for that at some point!


Did you go past Nanjizal beach? Just past Land’s End. Been meaning to visit & will next time I’m down there.

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We did although other than a quick snap we moved on as the weather was gash!


Not sure if all the mines did but I think the Levant mine next door had a ‘man engine’ for getting miners up & down the shafts. At least until 1919 when the whole thing broke killing 31 of them.

Must’ve been hairy to use it.

Man engine - Wikipedia

I’m really glad this still worth a visit. I have very fond memories of it from our honeymoon.