Phono stage dead! HEEELPPPP!

My phono stage has to go for repair. I may be without access to vinyl for a while by the looks of it. Does anybody close to Liverpool have a spare phonostage I might borrow? A MM only unit would be OK as I have an MC SUT available.

I’m going to be confined to the sofa for a while due to upcoming surgery and recovery, so any help would be brilliant. I would anticipate that I would need the loaner for about two weeks.

Excuse the scrounging, but this is a bit of an emergency as I am 99% vinyl in my listening habits and it is horribly quiet/digital only around here.

If you don’t get sorted locally -I have a DIY David Wright phono MC (IO) MM available in Oxford

Thanks Andrew, that is very generous. I’ll see what I can turn up. A cheap and (not-so) cheerful CA jobby from Richer sounds may be the path of least resistance.

I’ve got an MM/ MC if you don’t get sorted Olan.

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I have one you can borow, but I won’t be up that way til the week after next.

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What type do you need? MM or MC? From memory you had a Lyra Helicon? I have a few stages, can pop one around this evening after the rugby. Bob


Thanks Wayne. That is very generous. I’ll try and get it sorted without recourse to postage if possible.

Thanks Mark, that is very generous. I’m hoping to get it sorted before then. Give me a shout if you fancy meeting up while you are in town.

Hi Bob, I’ve got an SUT so I can use an MM. It would be brilliant if you could drop one off though. Perhaps the one you are least sentimentally attached to given my recent record. Could I pinch your Dr Fuckit protractor at the same time please?

I don’t have a Dr Felkhart thingy, but I have a few cheapo protractors. I bring a valve MM one over. Bob


Ah, I have a cheapo, and have tinkered at the edges with home made protractors. Thanks for the offer of the valve MM stage. I was worried you were going to offer me an NVA flamethrower…:innocent:

Great work Bob,
I am extremely impressed that you will able to drive after the rugby! :grin:

If Bob can’t make it over Olan, I have a spare Angle Audio mm/mc stage you can borrow. Could pop it over tomorrow, because there’s no way I’ll be fit to drive after the rugby. :beer:

Vaskin is popping around after 6, so I will pop over after that. Bob

Has Vasken still got those Verity Audio speakers Bob? Parsifals iirc.

They looked very interesting but I have never heard a pair

He has, he is very fond of them.

Yes, he does and he still is very fond of them :grinning:

Pity you’re so far away Kevin, you could have popped over to listen to them - you still can.

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