Time to resurrect this thread - own images and links, plus discussion?

2017 Formula 1 - The next generation

Some nice images here, the 2016 Landscape awards:


Having a nosey through some of my old pics - quite like this one

IMG_1259 mono by Allan Brisbane, on Flickr


Another one I like.

The guy on the right was our driver who took us on an all-day off-road adventure into the Moroccan Atlas mountains. When I think back it was a bit mental as it was just me and the wife and his mate and we had no feckin’ idea where we were - brilliant tho’.

Don’t know if the woman was a relative but lovely hospitality.


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Couple of shots of MamTor from last week




Why is batman hiding behind that lamp post?



"Take in the view"
Whittenham clumps.


"Lonely Copse"
Whittenham Clumps


"Our Lady"
Ewelme Church.


Hope I’m not taking liberties with your photograph Mark - I thought it would look amazing in mono what do you think ?


It looks luverleeeeee!!!

No liberties taken at all squire!


These just about sum up our recent holiday in Egypt. We’re all tombed and templed out.

Plus had the chance to practice my hieroglyphic reading, like a child in a sweet shop. Now to maul with the pics on photoshop, just to correct and enhance.


Karnak is fab. We stayed 5 days in Luxor with 3 spent at Karnak.Staying at the St. George. It was many, many years ago.


We’ve been going for about 10 years, hence the interest in the history and attempts to read hieroglyphs. Like all things, the more you learn the more you realise how little you know. I fear for Egypt, a land nearing crisis politically, socially and culturally and yet one of the friendliest lands I’ve ever visited barring of course the pockets of extremism dotted about.
You’re right Karnak is fab, perhaps the worlds biggest jigsaw, I don’t envy the Egyptologists trying to piece it all together.


Our most endearing memory of Luxor is visiting the Valley of the Kings. We were backpackers and refused to pay for a taxi back to the ferry, so decided to walk. We followed a path up the hill and across the ridge until we were looking down onto Queen Hatshepsut’s temple. It was just after the shooting of German tourists. We were intercepted by armed security on the hill overlooking the temple in an area where very few tourist ventured. We talked for a while, I offered a cigar, they gave us water and escorted us down to a safe area where we could catch a local bus to the ferry.
It still makes me feel very warm inside that a potentially difficult situation turned into a positive experience due to some intelligence and understanding.

I (and Narelle) love Egypt. We hope to return one day but await a period of stability which appears to be some way off.


Today I visited Keyhaven for a photo birds day had a great day.