The west coast is fantastic, and you’ve avoided midge season too. Hope you had a great trip.


great photos bob - really makes us look forward to late August - we’ll be in Mailaig and Oban…amongst other places…



Farnborough Cliffs last week.


I was right round the corner from this last week.


Whereabouts Matt ?


Thornwick Bay. About 4 miles up the coast, just next to Flamborough. Me folks have bought a static up there. Was going to take a look at the Cycling on Friday but thought it would be a traffic nightmare.


I think it was tbh - it was a pisser for us as we had planned to go to the finish in Scarborough after seeing the start in Bridlington but due to a train strike we had no chance of making. :rage:


L1000956 by uh_simon, on Flickr
A Door in Barcelona

L1000959 by uh_simon, on Flickr
A Tree in Barcelona


My pet Green Orb-Weaver Spider today



Few snaps from recent holiday



Not sure that I see the point of that.
Although I would reserve judgement until i saw original prints just in case they added something that couldn’t be done by a modern camera.
May as well play all my records on a 1920s Gramaphone, the results would be poor but ‘original’.


AM Valkyrie taken at this week’s Goodwood Festival of Speed


da da - da da - da da - da da BATMAN !!


Quick snap off the cheapo pocket camera the other weekend.

‘There Be Monsters Lurking’


some amazing aerial photographs


Have they got any of the area around Gatwick?


Morning Rays