Cool photos here’s one of mine

Beach by DaveBailey1, on Flickr


Wow, you are really tall!


‘Ghost Of Hollow Man’



Yep 60 feet or so, quite awkward for daily life, but definitely an advantage for this kind of photography :wink:


Took this about 45 minutes ago:

Reflected Reeds


That’s a cracker - would look great as a large print



I was about 175 yards away on the other side of the reservoir so had to use the full reach of my little Canon Ixus (300mm effective length). It was also getting towards dusk so it was shot at ISO800 and I think a big print might be a bit grainy.


It being grainy might add to the overall effect of the shot :+1:

It’s also a very effective mono shot (I took the liberty hope you don’t mind)


Aphex twin bath?


My solicitor will be in touch.:stuck_out_tongue:


Not taken by me but by a friend at the weekend when we were away in Richmond.

A quick snap in infra red.




Lovely. Reminds me of my brief play with infra-red film many years back.


Really nice. Where’s Peter Cushing?


Nice photo

For some reason it reminds me of this old chestnut


Snow in July…amazing! :open_mouth:


some better photos of the seven sisters Seaford

L1010002 by uh_simon, on Flickr

L1010005 by uh_simon, on Flickr

L1010010 by uh_simon, on Flickr

L1010013 by uh_simon, on Flickr

L1010020 by uh_simon, on Flickr



Up near Flamborough at the weekend

Back via Humber Bridge


Photography of the type I like


Taken with my LG-G4 phone camera. Ideal conditions for a very small lens, but even so I think it is a super image. (even if I do say so myself)

Burnham on sea