Reminded me of

The photographer, Brad Trent, is a very talented guy.

IMO of course.


Some cracking images here


Personal fave:

Done it myself :+1:


What, shat in a golf hole or picked a shitty ball out of one?



I used to run The Society for the Abolition of Golf - so hazard a guess which…

I’ve also trained the dogs to do it :+1:



Photographer photo bombing.


Here’s one what I did take in that London on the yesterday.


That is great. Lots going on.


Blade Runner


Nice, what type of camera?


Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, on auto.


Even better.

The image processing software in modern phones is incredible considering the (relatively) shit lenses they’re forced to use. Camera manufacturers should take note.


Mary Poppins?


Untitled by Rick Francis, on Flickr

I just happened to across some pic’s from May 2016 and found a folder from a trip to Monkey World in Dorset. It goes to show how misleading photos can be as this chap was about to be fed and was eagerly waiting for his keeper to come through the enclosure door, so not really as menacing as it first appears!


It’s a great place to visit and their rescue work is tremendous - my fav were the gibbons they are incredible things

Teo was hanging there for ages - watching the watchers. Unfortunately the weather was abysmal but we loved it and hopefully get back down at some point.


I think I have some also of her/him hanging around!


New camera, commence much annoying of the child units :smiley:


What is the camera Edd? Damn nice looking shots :+1:


Nikon D600, I’ve had the D300 for 10 years and had stopped using it since picking up a refurbished Coolpix A which was easier to carry and took a better photo.