I need a new camera, Sam has a cheapo Nikon thing, it’s very good for what it is, much better than my crappy Fuji :slight_smile:


Sorry Edd…



Closer than you realise.


Hairy feet and pointy ears?


Deceives dwarves out of inheritance?


Puts staplers in jelly?


Kid cyber bullied on old farts website :anguished:l


80 year old man in an 8 year olds body. Spends a lot of time in pyjamas. Very Arthur Dent.


Other way round on here




Old one, taken in the Ocala National Forest.




Very Operation Yewtree🏏


Full frame coolness. Nice. :+1:


There is a lot out there for very little these days. I don’t like point and shoots, because I’m a snob. The Coolpix A only gets a pass because it has an APS-C sized sensor and its a fixed lens so its awkward, which is a good thing, like vinyl is awkward.

I’m not sure I’m that worried about aps-c vs full frame, but 3 of the 4 lenses I had were full frame, and it was basically the best camera around for the current used prices. Very pleased with it so far though, the low light performance is leagues better than the D300.


I got a d5200 last year and a 18-200 to start off with. Results getting better. But need more practice.


That’s the answer to getting good results from most cameras. Some people just don’t persevere and then blame the camera.


I used to have a nice Nikon already and a bunch of lens back in the day when I used to travel a lot. I was really bloody aweful so gave up and got a cheap pocket camera.
Getting better now. Reading and practicing when I get a mo.


On a technical level, I know what I’m doing digitally and in the b&w darkroom. Art wise, I don’t really have the eye, but whatever, I enjoy the process and I get the odd photo I enjoy enough to put on the wall.


Did I mention I got a new camera?