Richmond riverside.


My God, that is almost literally the money shot. You can almost inhale the roubles.

Lovely pic Dave.


Heh heh. Yeees. You very funny guy…



My first play with an IR filter this evening after work. I only had a short period of time before the light went, but it was fun experimenting and very cold!

Ashdown Forest Tree by Rick Francis, on Flickr


Love infra red.


That’s a great pic, Dave. Did you take that recently?


I think Dave might be, err, bringing to our attention, another photographers work, obvs for our edification…


And here was me thinking we had another Henri Cartier-Bresson on our hands

Ah well



It’s still a lovely picture, I’d rather have seen it than not seen it.


I still have that Kawa 6 camera that I promised you Paul.


Like Varanasi but with fewer cremations.


A couple from the walk yesterday
Stanage Edge:

Pretty tussocks but buggers to walk across:


Love it up there.


10 mins drive from my house. I’m lucky.


There was a programme on Britain’s 100 favourite walks earlier this week & Stanage featured fairly high. Looked spectacular. I’ve never been. One to do.


Can get busy along the top, but a fine stroll, with choice of return routes high or low.
Classic gritstone climbing too.


That first photograph is a belter - great depth and scale to it :heart_eyes:


One from last week in Singapore

Marina Bay.jpg by -DaveBailey1-


Today’s bike run