Or save time & money by using streetview.

Seriously, It’s a nice set of pics. I like Bosham. Always amazing to be reminded that King Canute’s daughter is (allegedly) buried in that church.


B&W licence is cheaper :slight_smile:


Yes lovely moody pic of Bosham Rick, I loves a bit of arty B&W meeself.



Sgor Gaoith (Cairngorms) 1st April 18


Derwent dam yesterday


another from Sgor Gaoith


That’s stunning (the others weren’t too shabby neither)


Thanks, it’s my favourite. Unfortunately, being a crop from a shot with a pocket camera (Sony HX-20), it’s not very sharp. Wish I’d hauled the Fuji up there!


Tate Modern, London. by Rick Francis, on Flickr


Hagia Sophia the church of holy wisdom


Fruit of Loin 1


Great pics :+1:


Did he or didn’t he? Experts think he did


Fab, love those!


Unquestionably a fraud imo.


Not uncommon, it seems. Not surprising, I suppose.


From Dachau. I assume much as it was. Strip of grass, deep steep sided ditch, rolled barbed wire & then an electric fence. Under the surveillance of watchtowers with machine guns. Prisoners who’d had enough would deliberately try to cross in order to get shot.

Nothing to add. Probably the most awful building I’ve ever been in.


Man’s inhumanity to man.


and, still, we never learn.