Looks surprisingly small for all of the destruction it caused…

I’ve never been but intend to go to in the next few years though there is part of me that doesn’t want to believe the industry of it all

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Son of Saul is a recent movie that tries and mostly succeeds in portraying the horror of survival in these places…

Not an easy watch by any stretch


Dachau was the first in what became a network of dozens of these ‘work’ camps. To begin with, dissidents resisting the National Socialist party (who took power in 1933) were put into ‘protective custody’. These might have been journalists, business people or other professionals. Gradually they broadened the intake to include Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, migrants from the Spanish civil war & various other minority groups.

The camps were brutal & the work conditions & poor nutrition resulted in a great many fatalities. The systematic extermination of Jews began some time later in camps such as Auschwitz & Belsen.

Those furnaces are in the second, larger crematorium at Dachau but as you walk through that building it’s evident that the disposal of bodies was a process beginning at one end with the removal of clothing for fumigation & culminating at the other end in an oven. There is a gas chamber just before the room with the furnaces & it was used occasionally but not for anything like the volumes of people that were killed by gassing in some of the other camps.


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From Wiki.

Over the 12 years of use as a concentration camp, the Dachau administration recorded the intake of 206,206 prisoners and deaths of 31,951. Crematoria were constructed to dispose of the deceased.


I seem to recall from the tour I did there that no one was ever actually gassed at Dachau. They’d put in the infrastructure to do it, but hadn’t actually got as far as using it. Almost all of the fatalities were from the general conditions, and some being shot.

Being forced to stand in the main courtyard for a full day in high summer without access to food or water killed a fair number.


We read that the chamber there was tested on a few prisoners but not used for their general extermination. They had gallows outside the crematorium & there was also a wall against which prisoners were shot.

Perhaps the most striking thing was an image on a board outside the building showing a pile of maybe 40 naked bodies beneath a couple of windows & next to a doorway. Then you looked across at the building & it was obvious which two windows & doorway the picture showed. And the picture was taken only 15 years before I was born.


This was the image that will stay with me. Chilling.


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A few pics from Havana (mostly big crops from my phone)


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I can imagine there are alot of wealthy Americans hoping to get their hands on them at some point, im sure the Cuban govt. will prevent them leaving as they’re a big tourist attraction.

A sizable proportion of them have grotty, Soviet era Lada engines as parts aren’t available for the original engines. I only heard a handfull with rumbling V8s.

What you don’t get from the images is the foul smell from all the black exhaust smoke, not nice at all.



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Some lovely pics of the London underground;