The hole in the wall pub on Sloane Square Underground platform. Also had a resident cat. Drank their many times. Closed 1985. Shame.


My favourite bench - right in the corner of the village reservoir and about half way on our walk around it.
Now I am a man of leisure Tara and I have spent many hours sitting here this last month watching all the lovely waterfowl and the anglers in the boats. The simple things in life are the best.:grinning:


Somewhere between Roscoff and Plymouth this afternoon.


Did you fall off the ferry??


Ha no but it was very breezy on top deck.


Are they Schumann waves in the background?



Seville, shitty camera phone


Ooh, I love Seville.


great city


The otters at the reservoir were clearly feeling brave this morning.


Wels catfish. How long was it?


Are the otters easy to spot, would love to see them.


No - I haven’t seen them for nearly a year and I walk round the reservoir at least once a day. The times I did see them it was gloomy and overcast and very first thing in the morning.
I was speaking to an angler this morning who gets there first thing and he says he has seem recently.

They tend to hunt from dusk till dawn (the reservoir is fairly busy with anglers and walkers during the day so I guess they hide).

You’ll have to be up before the crack of dawn, or get some night vision goggles.


I assumed it was a pike?
Length must have been about 60-70cm.


It might well be. Certainly looks a bit flattened & wide from this angle. Perhaps more teeth visible than a catfish would show too.


Scarlet tiger moth in the garden:


Not scarlet enough. Refund please. Plus there doesn’t seem to be any tiger.



The wings are bright red underneath - I did ask it to turn over so I could take a photo but it ignored me. So I smacked it with a badminton racket.:smiling_imp:


Looks like a pike to me - could be a zander if you have those in the reservoir.