The jaw just looks too wide for a pike but I know nowt @ wayward will probably know


Beautiful evening for the cycle home from work


West Pennine Moors, near Rivington/Winter Hill ablaze earlier today:

Behind the smoke is one of Europe’s tallest TV transmitters that is usually at least partially visible even in the shittiest weather


Hopefully it’s not Rivvy Barn, that would be another part of my teenage years up in smoke :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Think that would definitely have hit the local news, hopefully just grass fires.

For the uninitiated, Rivvy Barn is a great bikers (motorbikes and pushirons) gathering place. A 16th century long barn, that Lord Leverhulme restored/fucked about with at the turn of the last century.


I just used to get mullered in the mid 80s as a young teenager… but thanks for the detail :grin:


Been to a couple of weddings there, I also got mullered. I like the place.


Got a dig in the kidneys while waiting to be served at the bar in the mid 60’s. Turned round to snot the cunt who gave it to me, only to be faced with ( I exaggerate ) a pair of bollocks, it was Long John Baldry with the weasel hiding behind him, who turned out to be Rod Stewart. It was the Bolton Arts Festival and The Steampacket were headlining, Brian Auger Trinity, Julie Driscoll, Long John Baldry and Rod Stewart. I’d still snot the geriatric Stewart if I came face to face with him again, I owe him.


I love this time of year especially with some tunes and a glass of vino


Any advice on these monoculars with phone attachment?

This looks like the pick from amazon, perhaps to link with a huawei phone or tablet.


Buy two and a roll of gaffer tape. Hey pesto… binoculars. :slight_smile:


At 24x magnification you would need a sturdy tripod (not the flimsy junk they’re providing) and even then a very fast shutter speed to avoid ‘camera’ shake. I don’t really do ‘phone’ photography, but I suspect that 1/500th sec shutter speeds are not usual.

High magnification lenses also require high quality glass. Call me a cynic, but for £24.99 I can’t see the optical performance of this being any better than looking through the bottom of a milk bottle.

I would avoid



Thanks, Paul. Better wisdom than the retailer. Since it’ll be mainly for in-city shots it might do. But I know what to look for in performance terms now.


I went on a safari in South Africa with a bloke who turned up with one of those on an iPhone. Needless to say, he was mightily impressed with the photos I’d taken with my 10 year old Pentax K7 and an old telephoto zoom.:wink:

In fact, given that the safari cost many times what even I’d spent on camera kit, I was surprised that everybody else in the group bar one was messing about with phone cameras and the exception turned up with an SLR with an 18-55 zoom.:rofl:


But could you take selfies?


No, thankfully. The wildlife was far more attractive. Including the Rhinos and Water buffalo.:grinning:


Again, entirely novice to the area, which normally makes this place fun. :ok_hand:

Interest piqued by doing a fair bit of pencil on blank postcard sketching to re-jig the room, and other future ideas.

This comes around top in some reviews, though not native Chrome friendly.

Any pointers towards lenses that might match up to this kind of spec?


This is a rough equivalent from the Chrome/android stable. No phone sounds right for sketching.


Moth sitting on the outside of living room windows, taken from the inside.

Freaky - looking little bastard; I’m not sure what’s going on with the whole giant ears thing


Gypsy Moth?