Rather looks like it, doesn’t it

Shame, I was hoping for something exotic. Still, we don’t get much wildlife around here, it makes a change from foxes and parakeets.

Oh, and the occasional stag beetle - they’re off-the-scale weird and definitely have absolutely no business flying.


It appears that they almost became extinct here in around 1900 but have since made a comeback.

I got buzzed by some bird sized monster outside our back door the other evening. At first I thought it was a bat but saw it again & definitely a moth of some kind.


Nice cape


Dragged out on bikes to Kinver Edge yesterday and happened upon what looks like a popular spot.

Lots of graffiti with the earliest date we found remaining being 1975


I’ve always wanted to visit the caves there. When did people stop living in them?


I think what we found was Nanny’s Rock which has reports of someone living there in 1617.

The rock houses that have been suggested as inspiring Tolkien’s hobbit houses for Bilbo etc were lived in till the 1960’s.



Another unusual moth - on the curtain in our back room…


You want to be keeping that wallet of yours shut Jim.

#536 ?


He’s not Scotch.


Must be the daisy dukes they are after in that case. There can’t be much of them left judging by the size of these moths. :slight_smile:


Judging by the size and age of those moths @Jim has opened the chest he uses to store his ‘jokes’.


I’d have thought they would have been fossilised by now.


not bad at all


you could put this in some interesting places for some cool photos

Macro Probe Lens


Can it be autoclaved ?




Animal, vegetable or mineral?
Pretty, whatever it is (flower stamen?)


It’s a crop of an orchid flower


A couple from the Glasgow Museum of Transport today while waiting for the cycling to start