I threw my nan in there once we burned her to dust


This is like something from a Sci-Fi film - photograph of the Grand Lisboa Casino in Macau by Paul Tsui


Wow, like one of the Mega Cities in Judge Dredd. I believe it would be part of Hong Tong if so…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Christmas is in it’s way and the kids (:grin:) want to buy me a lovely DLSR, what’s a good 2nd hand starter camera, where’s a good place to start?


Well, it’s on it’s way and it’s a DSLR, so not a good place to start



Look at the Nikon D3xxx (whatever number they’re up to now). Ellie has the D3200 with a couple of zoom lenses which she’s using for her GCSE. It’s pretty damn good for the money. Loads available 2nd hand, but not stupid money new, and there’s always package deals to be had.


I blame the red wine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, Neil Diamond is a bit of a twat.


Why a DSLR?

There are (also) some fantastic mirrorless cameras on the market these days.



Very nice, I didn’t mention my budget did I?


The kids/family are buying?


Some from August, not really got out much. Got 2/3rds of a roll of film waiting to finish from a trip to London last month too…

94100019 by Robert Seymour, on Flickr

94100020 by Robert Seymour, on Flickr

94100028 by Robert Seymour, on Flickr


Get yourself to a camera shop, and hold a few in your hands.

See which one you a comfortable with, see which one you bond with in terms of how your fingers access the controls. Check the weight of them, and choose one you are comfortable holding up…

Decide what sort of photography you want to do and might do in the future.

Doing this will quickly help you choose. Dont dismiss mirrorless or a camera with a non-changable lens just yet.

If you dont mind an integrated lens, you can get a used Leica DLux for s reasonable price, I love mine and use it way more than my Canon SLR.


Or, if you prefer (what is essentially the same camera - minus a nice red Leica badge) buy the Panasonic Lumix equivalent for half the price of the Leica.


very true - I forgot about that. :+1:


Where were you walking Rob ?



We have a Nikon D3200. It’s great, but hasn’t been used for over a year - cameras on Phones are so good now, that the Nikon is largely redundant.

If you’re planning to go out for photography days, then a DSLR makes perfect sense. If your life is such that you can rarely afford the time for such a pleasure, then the camera that you have all the time is the best one.

Assuming you want a DSLR, I think that the most important thing is to consider if you want full frame. This adds quite a lot onto the price (and size, and lens size), although older full frame bodies are available for good prices. Personally I would go with the DX if price is a factor and likely to remain so.

Looking through the stats, Nikon has updated from 3200 through 3300, 3400 to 3500, but I can’t see any really compelling changes - they are all marginal. I don’t know the other ranges, but frankly Nikon, Canon, Pentax etc all make great cameras. I would suggest getting the marque you fancy, not more than 5 years old or so.


I have what was a high end sony dslr, not touched it for 2 or 3 yrs. Phones and a decent compact have replaced it. Just not worth carrying around the bulk for the increasingly marginal gains it offeres.
Just make sure you defo want a dslr.


Graeme, it was from Faringdon to the White Horse Inn @ Woolstone (bottom of White Horse Hill).
Its a lovely walk, especially to have lunch at the pub and amble back. Excellent food there too!