There’s clearly a lot of talented photographers on here - I think it’s high time more photographs were posted up :+1:


Actually I’m a fud - I took this on June 2012 so it’s actually a golden summer evening :grinning:


Birmingham 2014

William Burroughs about to walk the line in Asda Car Park


You’ve got some great photographs Matt get them posted up :+1:


I often wonder where Norman is now. Probably wintering with his mother in Guilford, a cat, rain, vim under the sink and both bars on. But old now, there is no true beauty without decay. by Booger Benson, on Flickr

That time I broke into Uncle Montys cottage 2008


Another favourite place to wander about in London


A nod to Martin Parr.


Anyone in here have experience of the Fuji X-T2?

I’m seriously thinking of going mirrorless and trading in my canon 70D.


No direct experience with that model, but I do have the x-pro 1 with a couple of lenses and it is the dogs. The Fuji (pseudo) rangefinders are superb!


I’m very tempted but parting with my DSLR will hurt.
Unfortunately it’s just too bulky for my travels.


Digital is so last year.:smirk:

Mamiya c330


What lenses?
How do you rate the Fuji glass?


Yeah, I keep getting tempted by this for my bird photography

Unfortunately, it costs a fortune, weighs about the same as a small car and I would probably leave it in the car instead of lugging it around all day.


Very highly. Up there with the best, their primes are approaching Leica standard and their zooms are great.


Mmm primes…

Most of my use is when travelling, my most used lens is a 17-55.
I could save a shed load of space moving to the xt2 and it looks like better IQ too.


I have the 18mm f2 and the 55-200 f3.5-4.8 zoom. Both are great lenses, but the image quality from the 18mm is something else.


Mamiya c330


I’ve got an x-pro2 with 35mm f2 & 16-55 zoom. Superb camera, as easy or as complex as you want and the picture quality is truly excellent.


I had the X Pro2 and XT 1. I liked the Fuji system a lot but moved to Nikon DSLR mainly because I like the feel of big cameras, full frame, glass for wildlife and focus tracking.

If you don’t need or care about full frame and don’t do telephoto shooting Fuji cameras are excellent. Fuji glass is very good. Lenses I used and would highly recommend:

35 f/2 and f/1.4
16 f/1.4
56 f/1.2 - superb portrait lens
27 f2 - great walk around pancake lens
50-140 f/2.8

I have heard and seen that the 18-55 kit lens is excellent.

I personally preferred the ergonomics and stealth look of the rangefinder X Pro series but that’s personal taste. I would probably now go for the X H1 although the XT 3 looks brilliant for the money.

Fuji software updates are amazing and practically give you a new camera when they happen.


Very marmite that 18mm - I used it for a while and liked it, as it seemed to create a unique quality to the images. Many hate it though.

I had the 55-200 too - a good, not great lens I’d say, but very practical, especially compared with the huge lumps I carry around in a DSLR system.