Thanks guys.
Some thinking to do but it looks like the x-t2 would fit my needs nicely.


Just seen amason are selling the full frame Sony A7ii for £740. Wow, I didnt realise how much full frame prices have dropped, that’s like half what it was a few yrs ago. May well ditch my A77 and go for that.


The cost of Sony glass puts me off.


You can use any glass with their e mount system, with their (glassless) adapor rings.

But yes sony lenses are spendy.


Probably worth the spend if you look on DxOMark, all seem very good.


More lens reviews:


Apparently canon lenses work well with Sony but it defeats the id3a of going smaller.


Agree, shoving big lenses on a small body isn’t something I want to do with a walk about camera. A decent compact zoom and a 50mm prime is all I’d need really.


I use Leica R lenses with my A7r. They used to be v cheap…


Just came across this with a 24-3000mm zoom :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Not sure how useful that would actually be (birders?) but wow:


Citroën DS

(Mobile phone pic)





Wildlife Photographer of the year winner - The Golden Couple by Marsel van Oosten


Some amazing shots there - the one of the rotting sea lion and lizard reminded me of this decomposing whale on Colonsay in the summer. The stench close-up was truly overpowering and yet birds were flitting in and out picking away.


Some stunning images here:


Good comp that: Hi Fi men in various guises have featured strongly in the recent past - Mark Littlejohn of the other place won two years ago and I believe a lovely chap now mainly on PFM, Amar “Lefty” was shortlisted this year. Hope for us all :wink:


Mark l is cool I bought one of his prints years ago , reminds me I must frame it.


Agree, he is a bloody genius.