Walk from Stourport via the basin to Bewdley via the river. Couple of snaps with the phone.


A walk to Anvil Point Lighthouse. by Rick Francis, on Flickr

Haven’t seen this thread for a while so good to see so many great photos.


Meldon Viaduct

Looking towards the sun so tricky to get a good shot.


Did you try from the other end :roll_eyes:


Nowhere to get below & look at it from the other end. It’s a former railway turned cycle path now but it does have steps down to a viewing platform.

Taller than it looks too. Originally it was built as a single track but the drivers really didn’t like taking engines across it. Eventually they doubled it up. If they ever decide to re-open an inland alternative to Dawlish, this will be where it goes although whether it’ll need a complete rebuild to carry trains now I don’t know. I suspect yes.



Not mine. Just like it…


Whitby lit up !


This is excellent but he must have incredible patience


Orca in Lerwick harbour today, taken by Rebecca Nason


Polaris missile? Has it all kicked off over night?


Göran Strand


Long Strand, West Cork


I’d certainly rather be there than in my office!


I spent most of my childhood on the other side of the headland - Owenahincha


Do you know it, Rob?


I spent most summers in Schull or Crookhaven. Swimming in that water is only for the truly hardy/unhinged.


Used to love going to the Schull regatta.
And yes, you’re right about the water, but it never stopped us kids going in. It was handy having two aunts who were lifeguards on the beach


From my recent trip to NYC

Brooklyn Bridge Pano.jpg by -DaveBailey1-


Superb photographs Ben - I like the Once Upon A Time In America one :+1: