Amazing wot you can get on the back of a lorry…



Thanks Allan
I was pleased how that shot turned out as it’s so iconic; I was lucky with the light though and the fact that it had rained giving the road a nice sheen. It’s a great spot to visit.


Some real beauties in there Ben - it’s such a great place to take photographs.


Yes it’s brilliant, a dream for photographers; Manhattan: iconic photos, street etc, Brooklyn: filmic stuff in the streets and so on.

I have also travelled out of NYC though and the industrial zones are vast and look to have potential for amazing photos, although hard to access and compose I’m guessing.


Some absolute peaches

Thanks for sharing


And here’s some more since you like them so much -



Taken by a friend on this mornings walk. Low cloud in Ironbridge over the power station.


Sorry missed your post, no, but it looks nice :slight_smile:


Comic cuts




6 years and 72000 attempts capture this.


Fantastic image!


That’s truly incredible. Well done.


Didn’t that win a National Wildlife Photographic competition recently ?

If so, congratulations, very well done.


Oh crumbs, I didn’t take it just thought it was a very nice picture :slight_smile:


My Mum has (finally, took her long enough) said that she’d like a few of my better shots framed on her wall. Ideally, I’d like to avoid canvass ptints, as they’re not really in keeping with the rest of her gaff

Can anyone suggest a UK retailer (ideally online) who can make a decent print, frame it and deliver it in one piece

I’m looking at something a wee bit smaller than A3


Used these people on the recommendation of a friend who’s a photography teacher, produced some excellent quality prints and have a framing service too:


I did one of these for my parents:

Printed and framed wont be cheap. Personally, I now get them printed and get the frames separately.

there is a bloke on PFM (see the photography thread) that by all accounts can produce excellent prints.