Some nice options there, fellas. Many thanks


Got this at home now…been so busy it’s not left it’s box yet…


Dodgy iPhone pic of Bewdley yesterday after we spent a few hours walking from home to the Hop Pole pub and back, about 10 miles.


First time I’ve driven out on the Westway for several years.


Lucky you.



The point for me was not having seen Grenfell tower since the fire.


Fishing - Mekong Delta


No landing net, schoolboy error.


Fishing Cambodia nr Angkor Wat


Much better :slightly_smiling_face:


Amazing modern portraits done using the wet plate collodion technique used in the late nineteenth century


Jesus. Post apocalyptic desolation personified.


Too easy :+1:


Yep, but well batted anyway Sir.


Lloyd’s Cottage, Jackfield near Ironbridge.


Looks as if my ex business partner built it on one of his frequent alcohol binges.


Fantastic stuff


I’m sure there is something in this thread, but I can’t be arsed trawling. ( I tried a few times)
I’m looking to print some family pics to a decent size up to A3.
What’s a decent online place to get them from?
Bear in mind most of the pics have been done with a camera phone.


have a look in the photography section on PFM, quite a few threads on printing photographs, including someone that offers it as a service.

For what its worth I use PhotoBox, and have always been happy with their prices and quality of print, but I have never printed anything as large as A3 though.


Most camera phone photos are barely good enough for A4, let alone A3. Have a good look at the quality first.