Brentor on Sunday afternoon, with my iPhone 6S.

Edit: with a bit of colour enhancement. It was a seriously grey day!


The carol service up there in the mist on Christmas day was a hoot. 100+ inside.


Oh wow I bet! I love that place.



Nice capture - Fantastic depth of field - Photographer must have been very close with a wide angle lens.



One of my favourite places in Devon.


Visited the McCullin exhibition at the Tate on Saturday. I liked it. It was quite busy though.
Saw some Pre-Raphaelite stuff too. Bit meh about that tbh.




I feel so sad for the polar bear, starvation is not a nice way to go.


yes I know, I felt saddened by that image. I guess no one will see the plight of these poor animals without images like this.


The answer for polar bears is to get a few down to the South pole. All the penguins they can eat.


but, but… they’d fall off


And move the penguins up north. There will soon be plenty of water for them to swim in.



Was having a tidy and found this - some amazing photographs in it and from a few current meatmen as well :+1:


An older one from 2016 that I took while out on the bike. It’s the Free French Sailors WWII War Memorial on Lyle Hill above Greenock.

Another view from the same spot



I am awaiting the arrival of a 2nd hand Sigma 50-500mm. It is for taking on me holidays. Didn’t think me 18-200 would be long enough. I am mildly exited.


Very nice. It’s a big lump to lug around though, be sure to post some of your efforts.