Outstanding - and much better than a Siamese.:+1:


Just sorted out a new flickr account so been uploading some photographs - a couple that I forgot about

IMG_5959 by Allan Brisbane, on Flickr

P1010489 Mono cropped by Allan Brisbane, on Flickr


ah so thats you following me on flickr - wondered who that was!


Sorry meant to say earlier :roll_eyes:


Guys - if you find a strange man suddenly following you today on flickr it’s more than likely me :grinning:


It is likely to be a beanbag. Will spend a bit of time practicing with new lens before we go.
Will be taking my D3200 and 18-200 as backup.


Which lens? Does it have stabilisation?

I prefer to hand-hold for birds and rely on fastest shutter speeds possible as it gives much greater flexibility for the dramatic action shots. A beanbag and tripod/gimbal is good if the wildlife presents itself predictably, as with hides.

A bit of gym work can work wonders :slightly_smiling_face: for stabilising but you might be too near the off for that to be of relevance.


Sigma 50-500 OS and a Nikon 18-200 VR. With a D5200 and a D3200.
Mostly pics of lions and giraffes and the like.
Probably use a beanbag from the top of the 4x4 thing.


Great museum that. We really enjoyed it.


Yeah, amazing place! Really enjoyed the ‘Raptor show’




More Uber for fish.



Dealer and customer?




Back in the 1980s/90s I remember seeing a captive orca at Sea World in San Diego. I wouldn’t go now - they really don’t belong in captivity. It’s perhaps the most impressive animal I’ve ever seen in the flesh. It came down quite a narrow entrance channel to the performance pool, pushing something like the Severn bore in front of it. Males can weigh 6 tonnes and swim at up to 30 knots. Bloody. Hell.




I would rather not see one


Saw a pod of them swimming and splashing round a rock off Fair Isle. On said rock was one very worried and nervous seal. Never did hear the outcome.


The most awe-inspiring animals I’ve seen in captivity (sadly) have all been in the Oceanografic in Valencia.

The Sea Lions were incredible - the size, speed and power of them was quite something.