Pick a van


It looks orthopaedic?


It looks better in blue

Tempted to get one when the kids have left and travel the uk in it


Pick me up when you are passing and I’ll come too. :slight_smile:


Make a great tv series, two men and their buckets…


You could have a couple of deck chairs and a roll out piece of astoturf!


We’ve had one for 6 years; no problem with injectors so far and we’re at about 130k miles…
However, when we bought it at around 90k miles the dealer produced paperwork showing that the gearbox had been replaced recently - I’d heard this was a problem.
So we bought it and 3 months later the gearbox went Turned out the receipt he’d showed us was for another van.
His response was “sorry, it’s out of warranty”. So we replaced the gearbox (about £1600), and took him to court; at arbitration we said we’d accept £1000 from him, as he’d mis-sold and mis-described the van He maintained it was out of warranty and offered nowt.
In court the judge found he’d mis-sold the van, awarded us the £1600 plus £500 costs and expenses… The dealer didn’t appear to understand the concept of mis-selling (surely that’s the same as selling?)!
And beware, there’s a Nissan and Renault van that are exactly the same. Though it’s possible they’ve fixed the dodgy gearboxes by now.


At least he was honest then; just stupid!


I almost felt sorry for him when I saw his little face fall when he realised he’d have saved a grand if he’d gone along with arbitration…
However, the fucker refused to pay so I had to send him a “notice of termination” which explained that court-appointed bailiffs would turn up and his costs would spiral. He paid up.


Ginger bloke in a campervan has already been done :smile:


You have to wonder after all these years and all there design experience they could fuck up a gear box?


Every vehicle will have parts which only just cope with the rated output (power or torque/cylinder pressure). Uprating an engine through a model life can mean that previously adequate parts now aren’t.


And they should be aware of this.


Given the way you have structured this reply, I assume it is in the form of a limerick.

Unfortunately it’s crap and neither rhymes nor scans.



Far be it from me to subscribe to conspiracy theory … but… I suspect van manufacturers are only interested in building to last the initial 3 or 4 year hammering of the lease brigade.

As long as it sees out that period with the minimum fuss, then when individuals like Leonard, Stu and I ( the engine room of the country, if you will) come along, its not a priority. Im sure of it.

My gearbox was made by Ferrero Rocher.


It’s a haiku translated from Japanese… :grinning: