Pick me an awful car


The Ital was much betterer/awfuler.


I was going to mention how delighted I used to be with my Morris Ital 1.7 HL Estate but was worried it would come across as bragging.:wink:

Oh, and I’d be lying…:roll_eyes:


I was excited until I saw the mileage.


Very nice.


Or crash the budget and


Or travelling to Devon and back.


Mazda MX8 should fit the bill. It’s nippy, crap mpg and anything that breaks (and it will) will cost a lot.


Tempted to buy that myself.
Cool car!


Bargain, tempted.


I’ve driven one of those! Lovely!


Live the dream



Me too !


Probably be reliable though Edd, where’s the fun in that?


30mpg on a run.


Look at those flowing lines :heart_eyes:

When Mark Wright came to Liverpool, all his team mates had the usual Porches/Ferraris and whatnot. Wright used to drive around in a Montego estate.


1500 miles without breaking down. Wow.


They don’t make cars like that any more.


We had a montenogo estate in the mid 80s. I remember having a wobble on my bmx as I approached the drive way which resulted in the brake leaver scratching the entire lengh of the car.


The loss in value must’ve run into pounds.


60 posts in before you posted that, must do better!