Pics Taken Today

We’re in North Wales for the half term - Went to Betws-y-Coed today.

Swallow Falls

Fairy Glen


Blenheim palace statue

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Needs a flower.

Would the Glyme do ?

OK. Me. Coat. Get.


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Lovely! I had the first properly mind-blowing snog of my life, next to that waterfall, in 1989! Thanks for the reminder :relaxed:

Valley of the rocks (to the left)


oops - somebody’s pulled the plug from the ocean!!



My favourite place in Devon.


Why has the sea got a slope? Is it so the water skiers can go skiing without a boat?

The earth has tipped on its axis. First the water will fall off, then the animals and humans.

Or, I haven’t quite mastered taking paranomic shots with the iPhone and keeping it level whilst turning 270deg…

Even worserer if you go to Straya. It’s all upside down donchaknow :stuck_out_tongue:

The beach at Pwllheli


Giving Monty some treats - he belongs to the owner of the cottage we’re staying in - he’s a lovely friendly horse, the girls have fallen for him :smile:

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Our school had a cottage there, a few undercover whiskey sessions remembered. Twas always nice walking in the rain next day

Lovely photos Jim. I did think this one needs a caption:

Two candidates for the knacker’s yard perhaps?



There used to be a great free festival there, that Andy Votel had a hand in, saw wolf mother,Jim noir and voice of the seven woods there amongst others. Not been for at least five years…

I tried to play a track in your room at Scalford last year by voice of the seven woods called and named after valley of the rocks…you wouldn’t have it, shame as i think it’s up your Strasberg.

I was probably soaked in cognac and feeling especially belligerent, so the loss is entirely mine. Should I ever drag my kit out of it’s resting place again you’ll be very welcome to play your jaunty tune :thumbsup:

Please don’t. I’m too young and impressionable to find out what is up your Strasberg (oooh- errr)…

Fack off you’re neither young nor impressionable :smile: