Place to eat in London

Help please
Have a couple of family members coming in a couple of days, to stay here.
Any suggestions for a decent place to eat, that is not too expensive. Don’t know yet, if it will be lunch or dinner, hopefully lunch.

What sort of food, formal or casual?

Nothing too exotic, just good food. A foody pub, bistro, cafe.
Vegetarian option would help cover all bases.
I haven’t seen these people for over 35 years.

Henrys bar in covent garden does good food and is pretty quiet. Used to live in the east end so anything in the west end was work related and expensive.

Punch and Judys used to do good pub food but can be a bit grubby.

Can’t go wrong with this imo…

Two nice suggestions. Thank you.

We had a lovely lunch in on Friday - been a couple of times before and it’s been excellent every time.

When I lived in Chelsea during the sixties it was a pub called The Six Bells and was very popular. Upstairs was the Wally Fawkes Jazz club and on thursday nights had r & b bands - Zoot Money, Graham Bond, Alex’s Korner and Cyril Davies. Mick Jagger was a guest singer on occasions. Great pub, great times.

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I was about to recommend the Blue Elephant, a fantastic Thai that moved from Fulham (where I used to live) to that Chelsea development. But it’s closed down now, which has made me sad.

Some of these look interesting

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Great link. Many thanks.

I’ve been into 8 of the 11 listed there.
We’ve also worked in 3 of them; Cittie of Yorke, The Blackfriar and The Ship.

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Damn! I’ve only been in 7 of them. Must try harder

This was very nice.

Thanks for the heads up.

we think we’ve drunk in 10 of them… worked in none mind you…

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Good, glad you enjoyed it, been there a few times and it’s always been good to excellent! :+1:

Australians working in London Pubs??? When did this begin…


Jackie is the only ex-pat I know who came to the UK to backpack etc and didn’t work in a London Pub. She did her stint in The Ship in Reading instead :mask:


It’s a relatively new phenomenon. Only about 50 years new.

We did about 4 years in London managing pubs. Then Hampshire, Surrey and Hertfordshire. Eventually we got proper jobs and spent our time and money on the “correct” side of the bar :beer:

Have they started giving out the correct change yet??? :innocent:

Not since customers invented the line, “and one for yourself.”

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