Planning a mini digital active system

Right then, inspired by the t-amps that I failed to buy, I’ve been thinking, and the rough plan is as follows:

Raspberry Pi 3
J River MC (includes digital XO)
Asus Xonar U7 external (7.1) soundcard
Two T-amps
Currently have a Yamaha pro amp that will work for the bass
Nice Modushop case

This will drive my lovely (3-way) JBLs.

The areas that I’m still considering include the following:

Which t-amps to use. I think that using ones on boards (rather than boxed ones) makes the most sense. I like 2020s, but not tried many others.

Whether to have 2, 3 or 4 t-amps. Two is enough if I use the Yamaha, three would mean I don’t need it and four could be useful for future developments or to try on the main system.

Should I get a HD that mirrors the main server to reduce reliance on WiFi and indeed make it portable?

Any other sound card ideas? No idea what will work with Linux, looks like that one should.

I’m thinking of using simple linear power supplies for each item - Pi, hub/HD if used, plus each amp - using an LM317 or similar.

Anyway, random thoughts welcome

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Sorry, can’t help. I don’t see a turntable in your list :wink:

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There’s a chap on the bay selling B&O Icepower 50 modules at a very reasonable price. Mains to board. I’ve bought a couple but haven’t got them built up yet.

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T amps pffftt :disappointed_relieved:

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where are the valves? Why not use a SBT?

Only if you short the outputs…

I need something that can do the crossover. Apparently the Pi 3 has a powerful enough processor

I wouldn’t know weather to listen to it or bugger it

of course you want active…

I should fess up - It was me who bought those T amps for a similar plan to yours -Sorry.

I have struggled with some T amps i.e Muse ones that were recommended by Jerry -They do not all appear to sound similar. I have had a topping and muse T amp - Both did not do it for me where as the Trends I have seems workable.

process wise I am relying on wifi sound from spotify via chromecast It’s been reliable for a few months so I am pretty comfortable with it quality wise and the box count is low as are dropout snags

In terms of volume the T amp I am using with 92dB drivers gives plenty of welly in a largish lounge even for films.
The Behringer Inuke DSP amp aside from a noisy fan is brilliant value and simple to use at £170

It probably won’t apply in your situation Adam but I have found and excellent connector for splitting the analogue signal £2.99 a pair. Much better than some of the other splitters out there

Meh, finish your horn system melt.


I’ve now done this, using a Rotel RB-976 Mk2 six channel amplifier that I picked up of eBay for £150.

I don’t really understand why everyone doesn’t go active, or indeed digital active, as it’s such an upgrade. So much more dynamic, at all levels, and dead easy to do. Sounds fantastic - and i haven’t even tweaked it yet!


Right, I’ve just got linear phase crossovers working, so I can use “perfect” brick wall filters that apparently do no harm.

I wonder how they sound…

I assume you have time aligned?

That’s tomorrow, when i get a chance to measure

Are you using the M-audio soundcard Adam?

No that is downstairs, and I’ll get onto that once the living room system is sorted. I’m using an Asus u7