Planning application

There’s a planning application coming up for a hearing, appreciate some advice.

It’s it possible to speak in favour of an application as a local resident?

The application is for a local mosque to serve the regional Muslim community. I wouldn’t normally give a shit about this type of thing but my ire is well and truly up. The local knuckle draggers have a campaign to oppose the planning and you can imagine their motivation. Britain First and the BNP are taking an interest. Suffice to say I have no objections and think it only reasonable that local Muslims have a place of worship.

At the planning meeting I just want to make it clear that those who oppose it don’t speak for everyone, not by a country mile.

If I am entitled to make a statement in support, is there a process to follow, any advice appreciated.


Couldn’t you start a 38 Degrees, or similar, campaign ?

Maybe this will help?

Pretty sure you can submit a statement on the councils website, if you can find the application. Same process as registering an objection. Enquire about committee date and ability to speak at the planning authority.

Don’t be too concerned, the planning committee will determine the application and should be appropriately made up of a diverse, educated unprejudiced bunch for that very reason. More likely to vote in favour of diversity etc, and if they want to go against the recommendation of the planning officer will need a more robust policy based reason than simple nimbyism etc.

Parking havoc will be the issue…
It’s chaos near the ones in the city.
That’s what annoys the locals more than the nature of the buildings.

Outside the proposed development will be a notification stuck on a wall or pole. It will have a reference number and site contact details. You will need to register can then see all the planning details and be able to post both positive and negative comments.

Your comments will be visible to all the local nutters.

At least that’s the process in Shropshire.

Thanks guys, appreciated. I’ll be busy on Monday.

Add for the parking, it’s a brownfield site on the very edge of town with lots of car parking, including bikes, cars, mini bus etc. No nearby residents at all.

To give you an idea of the objectors mentality, their FB page sought info about previous use of the site and they got excited when they discovered a farmer once raised pigs there. At the parish council, an old fella spoke about them (he meant Muslims) in a less than civil manner, the resident copper called him out as racist. Their FB page went into melt down over this and they instructed their followers to make sure they couldn’t be accused of the R word (their words), then blamed the copper for calling them racist.

These cunts are now looking to get the newly elected Tory MP on side, I hope he isn’t that stupid. I shall pen him a letter as well.


What happened with this Bob? Did current events overtake it?

It got planning on Monday, the local racists all met down the pub to discuss their next move…


Ah, this then:


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