Please help ID these speakers?

Today I spotted a pair of speakers outside a house near my Mum- Free to take away they looked proper and they certainly are well made. I could not help myself taking them despite being mid move. I first thought that they were some old Kef Codas as the tweeters are below the woofer but there is no makers stamp - The woofers are Kef B200 but I do not what the tweeter is. They may be a kit or diy ? Any ideas?

Tweeter kind of looks like a Seas to me. They might be nice.

I was thinking the same

Hopefully they’ll turn out to be quite a nice find!

They look like very early and extremely rare BHB prototypes.

They look like 1970s kit.

You are correct - I took the back off this morning

The tweeters are audax

Turn them up the other way.


Ahhh… the heyday of speaker production - chipboard, carpet felt and chewing gum :laughing: