Poor Bandwidth Fix?

Developed an issue streaming with Roon in my system, which I am pretty sure is due to bandwidth as it seems to occur when other residents (wife, children) selfishly surf the net etc. at peak times in the evening when I more importantly am trying to listen to music :angry:.

Have checked my download speed, it’s not great around 10-11 Mb/sec.

Funny thing is, it’s only a recent thing, I’ve been using Roon for over 12 months and never suffered from playback issues until recently. Anyone else suffered the same aggravation? Can I improve things by changing my router?

Solution would be a streamer with inbuilt HD ala Auralic, but quite like my cheapo Pi set up. Yes, I have a turntable :smirk:

Is it WiFi streaming? Try a channel change - you may be getting congestion from competing networks.


Also found with WiFi that a proper WiFi adapter with external aerial makes a huge difference if you are some way from the access point.

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I’m using ethernet connection to the pi.

Might have found a fix, noticed the laptop (acting a Roon core) had been connected via the VPN I use for work Switched it off, all smooth running so far, although my wife has put her phone down :roll_eyes:


Is the problem when streaming via internet? Spotify/Qobuz or whatever? Or your own music? If the latter, then you really should not have outages in a wired network, unless there’s a problem with the configuration.

The problem is with both, because even though my streamer is hardwired my laptop which acts as the Roon core relies on WiFi.

Problem seems to have gone away, think I’ll make an Ethernet connected desktop machine my core, that would be more flexible anyhow.

Sounds like a good idea