Pork Faff Therapy/ What are you eating?

bit over

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Spanish fricandó, rice and orzo, chicory and roasted pepper, and stuff salad

fricandó here https://spanishsabores.com/2018/04/15/fricando-recipe-slow-cooked-beef-stew-with-mushrooms/


Birthday sized slice of vanilla cheesecake.


Happy Birthday :tada:

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You’d think so…But we have 2 girls.
Youngest just turned 12 a month ago.
Her record is 24 pcs when we were in a restaurant.
Her previous record was 22 pcs… and a McDonalds hamburger because she still had some appetite.
Just a plain one, mind. Not a Big Mac.


That pizza looks better that the ones from the takeaway in our place. :slight_smile:

Sirloin, hasselback spuds in goose fat


Not sure hassle back spuds are worth the hassle! I tried them a while ago and was a bit underwhelmed, what do you think? Steak looks great!

I love em, i usually make a herby butter.

Really ?
The four big crispy ones are out of shot they are the extras to be fried up for brunch in an hour.
Steak was great, i thought my daughter might shirk at the pink, she can be fussy. But no, in there like a rat

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Anyway how was the chuck?

They are always fantastic. You should visit Rudy :grinning:

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The planning is the easy part, the execution however…

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Sorry the indian chicken skewers

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Ah, was good. Next time I do it I’ll use less yoghurt I think. There was a bit too much marinade even though I had 300 grams more chicken than the recipe. I think less yoghurt will make it stickier and more intense too.

I did it like the Lopwell jobbie you showed me last year but I think next time, I’ll cut the pieces smaller to get a bit more surface area. I’d like more gnarly corners where it caramelised a bit. :heart_eyes:

It was delicious though and great with that salad which had lots of zing, like a coarse tabbouleh with chilli and lemon. Recommended :+1:


Surface tension.


Chips though…


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Fusion. :roll_eyes:

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