Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Has your crotch dried out yet? :rofl:


Slightly different menu today, no tomatoes :tomato:


Mac ‘n’ cheese here

It also uses up left over home made bread


Too many painful memories?


Corned beef hash with fried eggs on top.


Needs chilli.


cottage pie


Have you given them up for Lent ? (Maybe Lent sacrifices need a separate thread ?)



Talking about unusual ways of using up stuff - Ann bought a haggis that was on special at the butchers.

Last night she made a baked pasta dish with Conchiglioni (large pasta shells) stuffed with a mix of haggis and finely diced smoked bacon, all covered in a tomato sauce with cheese on top. It was fucking lovely :yum:


I have made stuffed cannelloni with leftover haggis and other stuff…


Tom Yum based noodle dish with buttered chicken:


Party pork pie thing,tasteless


You’ll need a fork.


The fork was on the table rather than the work surface.


Looks tasty, but no broth?


I finished off the noodles in the broth as one might with pasta and it soaked up more of the broth than I anticipated!


Chefs eh :roll_eyes:


I know right, fucking useless arsehole the lot of them, even if they are experimenting.

The chicken was cooked to fucking perfection mind.


how could that be, I hear KFC have run out


From the new Spring collection menu