Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Noooooooo!! There is green stuff :exploding_head::face_vomiting::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


We are in the presence of Greatness :prince:

Have you thought of opening a chain of franchises?


Still on a plate though. I try to avoid eating from plates these days.



Not eating it now, but just had a salmon delivered to the door. It’s huge!

Beer can for scale

It’s nearly 3’ long. No idea what it weighs.


18 lbs


At least, I would have said. I guessed at around 22, but I could be way off.


Are you going to reduce it to a pile of fillets? there’ll be some nice stock to be made from what’s left too.

18lb 5 oz



Yep looks similar.

Don’t know what we’re going to do with it yet. Lou is removing the bones now (it was already gutted) Couldn’t be much fresher, it was alive this morning.


Sashimi / Sushi if it’s that fresh.

If you’re as observant as birders tend to be you’ll have noticed where wild horseradish grows - no foliage now, so memory’s essential - the roots are at their very best right now, and will be 1000X better than shop-bought Wasabi.

Arborio rice is an acceptable substitute for uruchimai IME, as I imagine that may be a tad hard to come by where you are. Lightly vinegar the rice. Touch of fresh horseradish. Perhaps some laver or similar from the foreshore - chop it and mix with rice mixture - mmm… Pepper Dulse -


Has ex-PM Cameron used it? :roll_eyes:


Fairly sure that was a pig . . .



A pigs head, but hey, he’s not fussy.


Cameron or the pig?


Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t do raw fish I’m afraid.

This will be poached or fried. Lou is already promising the girls that they will get some :smiley:


Have you got a smoker, could be a good excuse to build one.


We have but there’s a problem. It’s in an outbuilding, in a box, surrounded by a fuckton of other similarly sized, unmarked boxes.


I make this at least once a year…stunningly good.


Set fire to outbuilding, instant smoker and unmarked boxes problem resolved.


Potential non-smoker makes ‘jokes’ about smokers :scream:. You missed the obligatory Nene Valley joke too!