Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?




The salmon is now filleted and there would be enough for 8 meals, but as I thought, Lou has some of it earmarked for Maddie and Hildur!

Stiil, can’t complain when you get a fish like that for nowt :+1:


chocolate ice-cream and digestive biscuit sandwich


Fish and nerks*

(Leeds for “chips”.)

Local chippy on Top form - absolutely Lush!


Balthazar cream of mushroom soup. Followed by brown butter pecan madelines.


Light lunch at Urban Reef on the Bournemouth (Boscombe) waterfront.
BBQ’d Beef Brisket Ciabatta.
Narelle had a couple of “small plates” - Felafel, pulled pork Quesadillas and a mixed salad (whatever that is).


image & image


Chip butty from last night’s leftovers :ok_hand:


Brisket, roast pots, cauli, yorkshire puds ‘n’ gravy

Lush :heart_eyes:


Turan delivery - Chilli Paneer, Chilli Fish, Tarka Dal, Lamb cooked with Methi and a Chicken dish, some naan

best we’ve had from the Turan in a while




Eggs benedict with home made hollandaise. Fucking delicious. After last night’s cheese soufflé triumph the Wench is really knocking it out of the park at the moment.

Charlie (aged 4) decided he wanted cucumber with his, and actually it worked extremely well to both add some texture and a nice hit of freshness


Crispy bacon, cheese and onion toasties (done in a flat non-stick pan)


Bacon rolls, brown sauce. Devoured too quickly for pics.


Starter…lamb and sweet cherry meatball in a garlic turmeric tomato sauce.
Cumin roasted carrots with dill and goat cheese
Pitta and hummus

Cod and tiger prawns in tamarind and sumac sauce, wild rice

Pud. Ny cheesecake…

I’m fucking starving already.

Only an hour and half to wait


corned beef hash, fried duck egg, baked beans.


Narelle had…

I had 12 oz burger, egg, cheese, bacon and “burnt ends”…


Do all these food places buy the crockery from a Wormwood scrubs boot sale?


The surprise is that something with the name Shakti is useful and decent value.


Stick a pack on your cd player