Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


you should make your own garam masala - much more interesting and you can make it to your palate.




that looked enough for two!


That was just the starter!!


for two yes?


When the table is set for four people I doubt it.


Fair enough,. I’ll make sure my doppelganger comes too if I’m invited to yours for dinner.




Eaten in The Old Rooms Inn, Weymouth.


Back to warmer climes in Oxfordshire. Lunch at our local…


Dayum, those seafood pizzas look good.


Apart from the seafood, I agree!


They taste every bit as good as they look. It has become a “destination” pub. Great food, good beer and excellent value.


Which one of you doesn’t like egg and spinach with their prawns then? :thinking:


maybe I need new glasses, but as much as I look, I can’t see egg. Could it be a magic pizza picture?


That’s not egg Bruv, that’s cheese :+1:

Narelle had Anchovies but no spinach.


How close to Oxford in Oxfordshire? Nom Nom.

Unusual for us but for reasons no lunch to-day so eaten early:-

2 Muffins, 2 poached eggs , 4 rashers of best thick bacon, beans and Olde English Sausage. :ok_hand:

SWMBO had muffins, eggs and an Avacado.


Waiting for liver, bacon & onions with mash & peas at a truck stop on the A5.


Gotta love “Gloryhole Mondays” :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


You certainly know how to push the boat out Bob. Enjoy.