Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


I will ask if they still know you


…restraining order, sadly… :frowning:


That looks proper :+1:


One piece of toast


Snowed in?


No, felt really rough all day,no idea what it is :sneezing_face:


Uncle Ben withdrawal symptoms I expect


One for all of you G & T botherers


Little village near Watlington. About a 30 minute drive.


Experiment today:

Pork and apple tarte tatin. Done with Parmesan mash, spiced apple, pork and cream sauce and some carrots


Love the concept. Maybe layout the apple slices and use shredded pork to neaten things a tad.

I would be all over that :heart_eyes:


Serve it on a slate instead and it’ll be perfect…


serve it on a plate made from crackling


Needs pesto.


Needs moar Pork


Yeah, given the time i’d Have payed it out in pretty patterns, and also passed the apple and the mash through a sieve, but didn’t really have the time as we were eating with the boys.


Certainly no criticism as, I’m sure, it would taste lush. We’ve had a weekend eating and drinking, and I get a bit pedantic about presentation.


You need a slap.


I know we (rightly) mock people serving crap food in ridiculous ways, but it’s also true that one eats with ones eyes, and it has a huge bearing on how food tastes.


We went to Tresaith beach on Saturday, and then to the Ship Inn where for the first time in decades I had faggots, wrapped in bacon and served with peas, mash and onion gravy. All washed down with a nice cider. Top grub.